I do one thing

I show how the right Agile BA skill set can help to transform an organisation.

As Agile matures, the role of the Business Analyst is undergoing a transition.

The future is a place where an Agile Business Analyst operates at all levels of business change within an organisation - from low level requirements delivery to high level strategic planning. Each BA will be sufficiently skilled and empowered to not just to work with the details to help achieve tactical goals and 'get the job done', but to see the bigger picture and think one step ahead of the current challenges facing the organisation.

Agile has already shifted the value of the BA role from feeding delivery teams to improving the organisations they work for. The skill set is already within the BA role to support this change - it just needs to be demonstrated to the organisation and its individuals.

This is done by focusing on three core principles:


Business Analysis now spans a wide range of skills and abilities. Understanding how the role has changed and what new approaches define a good BA is key to building great teams.



Knowing what good looks like isn't enough, having the ability and experience to demonstrate it to others is vital. This is typically referred to as the 'Player Manger' approach.


Advice & Training

Training, mentoring and supporting others across a wide range of subjects allows them to gain experience and take their skill set and the discipline forward.