• What does your MVP say about you?

    What does your MVP say about you?

    The office I'm in at the moment is undergoing extensive renovations, so when I walked past this the other day it got me thinking... On paper its the perfect …
  • When is an epic a project?

    When is an epic a project?

    If I was to ask if you knew the difference between an epic and a project then you would probably think it was a strange question - …
  • Information Radiators

    Information Radiators

    The phrase 'information radiator' is probably one of the best phrases in agile. It succinctly portrays the ethos of agile in as far as it's about making …
  • Growing Up or Growing Out?

    Growing Up or Growing Out?

    Scaling seems to be the word of the day within the agile movement at the moment. Personally I cant help wondering if we're in danger of …

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