Business Analysis As A Service

Business Analysis is a large discipline, spawning many sub-divisions and skill sets such as Strategic Planning, Agile Delivery, Business Model Analysis, Process Design and System Analysis.

It can reach from a tactical, technological view all the way up to a strategic business focus. It incorporates aspects of other business functions such as Architecture, Finance, Project Governance and Team Management, as well has straddling multiple delivery methods and tools. It also requires soft skills such as facilitation and communication to provide seamless stakeholder facilitation across multiple departments to ensure that its outputs are relevant and timely.

All of this means that it is sometimes tricky identifying what aspect of Business Analysis in needed in which circumstance. I work with teams and individuals to help them develop their capabilities in the following areas:


To be able to understand what a good Agile Business Analyst looks like, you need to know what’s new within Business Analysis and how the role is evolving.

This understanding allows you to define the type of BAs that will move your organisation forward. Agile has generated a number of opportunities within the BA discipline including areas such as:

  • Just In Time and Lean Analysis
  • Overlaps and involvement with Product Ownership and Agile Development
  • Popular and emerging tooling and skill sets


Having an in depth knowledge of Agile and Business Analysis is great, however sometimes you just need someone to come in to help out on a project who will hit the ground running.

Ability is not just having the understanding of how to do something, its the experience of knowing what tool or approach is right for the particular task. An Agile BA should be fully experienced across a wide range of skills, for example:

  • Strategy Planning (VMOST) and Business Architecture
  • Agile Requirements - Impact maps, Themes / Epics / Stories, BDD, etc.
  • Information Visualisation - Value Stream Mapping, Systemic Flows, Business Process Improvements

Advice & Training

No-one wants a team of star players who are also single points of failures. The cross pollination of ideas and skills comes from passing on knowledge and experience to others.

Sometimes a structured training course is needed, at other times all you need is mentoring and support whilst you gain experience for yourself. The best support is often bespoke and tailored to specific outcome, but common techniques include:

  • 1-to-1 coaching & mentoring
  • Health checks, and improvement plans
  • Structured training courses in aspects of Agile and Business Analysis