What does your MVP say about you?

The office I’m in at the moment is undergoing extensive renovations, so when I walked past this the other day it got me thinking… On paper its the perfect example of an MVP (or Minimal Viable Product).  It fulfils the requirements associated with a fully operational integrated fire alarm (in so far as it notifies others of an emergency!) […]


When is an epic a project?

If I was to ask if you knew the difference between an epic and a project then you would probably think it was a strange question – everyone who’s been involved with Agile knows what a project and an epic is… don’t they? Projects have things like business cases, budgets, stake holders, delivery teams, end dates, governance, […]


Information Radiators

The phrase ‘information radiator’ is probably one of the best phrases in agile. It succinctly portrays the ethos of agile in as far as it’s about making things visible as well as conjuring up a mental picture of disseminating information amongst the team relating to what’s going on. During a stand up recently it occurred to me […]