VMOST Canvas

The VMOST Canvas is a strategic planning tool which provides a framework to visualise and prioritise all change according to measurable value delivered.

Developed in response to the fact that strategy planning often occurs separately to agile delivery, The VMOST Canvas is a rapid way that stakeholders can gain a high level understanding of desired changes in the context of how they fit in with the strategic and long term vision of the business.

The five levels of the canvas link the desired destination (the vision) with the practical changes (the tactics). This ensures that all investment focuses on value and taking the business forward in the correct direction.


The Mission Board shows what we want to do and why. 

It focuses on the linking of the backlog of ideas into the context of how they help to deliver the organisation’s vision.

The Mission Planner shows when we expect to start working on it. 

It focuses on estimated dates and timescales so that expectations can be managed and dependencies mitigated.



The VMOST Canvas is one of the simplest yet most powerful agile strategy tools available. This is why we have released VMOST into the world as an independent open source framework for all organisations to use. 

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The VMOST Canvas allows teams to collaborate to create a joined up vision and a path to get them there. This helps create a shared ownership of the journey ahead.

Rapid Results

Generating a VMOST Canvas is quick. By embracing lean and ‘Just in Time’ principles, a robust and detailed strategic plan can be created in only a few hours.


By assessing both cost and benefit of changes, the canvas forces the user to plan and make priority calls on which changes should be undertaken first.

Pivot Direction

Rather than creating a fixed roadmap of deliverables, the framework is built around the fact that strategies and ideas can and do change in order to deliver maximum value.